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Life Lovers Greece is a network of people who love travelling and follow a Slow Living lifestyle. Through our fresh, new website we share knowledge and our valuable findings with our audience. We present all season Slow travel destinations & eco-friendly accommodation options, as an alternative to mass tourism and suggest experience travelling at a Slow pace.

‘’ The first step to real Love is to learn to Love ourselves.’’
Travel can be transformative, for ourselves and the planet as it deeply affects the quality of our daily lives. How can we reduce our environmental impact while travelling? Do we live responsibly, and what more can we do to be more sustainable?
We believe that the way we travel reflects who we are and our lifestyle, therefore we suggest Slow living & Zero-waste lifestyle tips, as an ultimate guide to a sustainable living.

The Slow Travel philosophy

What is Slow Travel?

Slow travel is a holistic approach to sustainable travelling, directly connected with the Slow Living philosophy and the Slow Food movement. It is not a new phenomenon, since it describes the real meaning of holidays, an essential to life activity.

Slow travel challenges stereotypes by inviting travellers to connect with the host community and their tradition, to become acquainted with their culture, food, drinks, and environment.

‘’Slow travel is about conscious decision-making.’’

People who choose for Slow travelling enjoy their holidays in unusual travel destinations, away from the tourism trends.

Slow travellers thoughtfully explore the locality they visit, value their connection with the local community, enjoy local food, and drinks, and are aware of their environmental and social impacts.

Slow travellers realize that authentic experiences come unexpectedly, not by design, and prefer to book their trip autonomous and choose their next travel destination and accommodation independently.

Now it is time for a new beginning!

‘’ The first step to real Love is to learn to Love ourselves.’’

Life Lovers Greece presents a selection of harmonious destinations, enabling the traveler to discover peaceful locations , appreciate the luxury of simplicity & travel in a meaningful way.

The wide variety of landscapes & landforms in Greece, shape the perfect setting to reconnect with the nature and to explore the freedom to philosophize.

Addressing human issues, philosophy may lead to self-knowledge and fulfilment. Self-love can be life-changing and the key to a life full of meaning.

A Life full of Love!

Are you ready to discover Slow Travel destinations in Greece?

Check here our eco-friendly accommodation options!

Daydreaming of Greece again?

Life Lovers Greece promotes a fair ideology for the traveller as well as for the host based on five principles:

Advocacy of the Slow Travel philosophy

A slower approach to travel protects the environment and enables the traveller to discover new destinations, cultures, and traditions deeply. 

Life Lovers Greece responsibly presents crowd-free Slow Travel destinations across the country and eco-friendly accommodation options located in villages, settlements, and rural areas in Greece with plenty of wide-open spaces around to explore.

Empowerment of local communities

The protection and support of local communities are essential for their existence. The family-owned hotels, traditional guesthouses & eco-friendly farms that we present are small-to-medium-sized and co-operate with local food suppliers and businesses.

Live like a local, live sustainably! Eat locally grown food, explore on foot and buy local, seasonal products.

Soft mobility & car-free destinations

Carbon-free transport options are encouraged. A car-free lifestyle has a lower impact on the environment. Take a local bus or train, cycle around or discover a destination on foot at your own pace. 

A hint of Hiking & biking destinations is on our Slow Travel destinations list!

Transformative travel experiences

Disconnect from routine, reconnect with nature. Emphasizing the mental & physical health benefits of travelling, we suggest activities that focus on wellness, personal development & creativity.
Are you ready to live a Life you Love? Check here our inspiring Slow Travel destinations & Slow Living lifestyle tips!

Remember: All handpicked destinations need to be thoughtfully explored!

 Quality of services & Free wellness activities

The eco-friendly accommodation options we suggest are solo-traveller & family-friendly and combine comfort with sustainability.

With a price range between €7 p.p per night & affordable prices, or free of charge entrée for wellness facilities and well-being activities, we enable the traveller to experience the luxury of simplicity at a fair price.

‘’Let us see Slow travel as the one and only choice of sustainable travelling.’’

Life Lovers Greece provides unique and high-quality content made with love, social responsibility, and respect for nature.

Travel Slow in Greece, rediscover the luxury of simplicity, and the ability to taste the pleasures of life as for the very first time!

Travelling might be a luxury, but Life Loving is a journey for free. 

Join Life Lovers Greece, Live Sustainably & Love your Life!

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