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A ‘’blossomed’’ village, a river, and a gorge – Slow Travel destination: Anthochori village


A ‘’blossomed’’ village, a river and a gorge - Slow Travel destination: Anthochori village

Travel back in time & explore Anthochori`s stunning natural landscape

The fascinating Anthochori Gorge and its waterfalls are located in Anthochori village, in the Karditsa region.

Anthochori is a beautiful stone-built village set at 700 meters altitude and has less than 250 permanent residents.

Back in the days, the village was named ‘’Floresi’’, a word that according to the oral tradition means blossom. 

Anthochori literary means the ‘’blossomed village’’ and from here are starting endless hiking forest trails along rivers, fir forests, lakes, waterfalls, and Anthochori Gorge.

Anthochoritis river runs through Anthochori village, where a waterfall hike will lead you to the evergreen Anthochori gorge.

Hiking paths & the surrounding area

A renovated watermill welcomes you at the entry of the village, where stone threshing floors, charming chapels, and the beautiful surrounded countryside shape an ideal Slow Travel destination for nature lovers.

A signed hiking path leading to Anthochori Gorge starts from the watermill, it is easy to follow and family-friendly. 

Walk among chestnut, fir, and oak trees, along with natural springs and running waters, and get amazed by the natural landscape of the area!

One kilometer further and after an easy 30-minutes hike you will find yourself at the stunning Anthochori waterfall.

The hiking route to the ‘’Kamara’’ bridge is 3 kilometers further from here and it is suitable for advanced hikers (not for children).

The Kamara stone-arched bridge of Anthochori is an architectural masterpiece.

It stands above Pramoritsa river, it is 9 meters high and 49 meters long.

It is made from Sand Stone and in the past was used by the locals to transport their flocks from the Pindus to the Thessaly region.

If you wish to hike further, ‘’9 Vryses’’ are waiting for you to explore them!

Koromilia stream runs at the foothills of Kazarma mountain top, northeast of Agrafa mountainous region. 

It is the starting point of the hiking route to the ‘’9 Vryses’’ mountain spot, which literally means ‘’9 water fountains’’, at 1500 meters above sea level.

The route is suitable for advanced hikers, as it is steep and at the end of it you will reach the mountain ridge of Agrafa.

It is highly recommended to start your hiking with good weather conditions and under the guidance of a local mountain guide.

Agrafa is characterized by Unesco as one of the five cleaner areas on the planet where the biodiversity is rich and the area provides shelter in the wildlife.

Want some more?

The European path E4 passes through neighboring Argithea village.

Travel back in time by visiting the church of Saint Georgios, built in 1623, and the church of Saint Paraskevi built in 1887. 

Step into the ‘’Floresi’’ tavern and taste local cuisine, have a chat with a local, and get familiar with the tradition of Anthochori village.

Wear on comfortable shoes, bring your backpack with lightweight food & drinks, and enjoy the stunning natural landscape of Anthochori and Karditsa region!
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Looking for an exceptional place to stay near to Anthochori Gorge & Waterfalls?

Check here ”Konaki in the woods”, a dreamy rustic house with a private natural pool in Agrafa mountain region!

Travel Slow, Live sustainably & Love your Life!
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