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A Green Village in a fir forest: Montanema Handmade village

Montanema Handmade village

A Green Village in a fir forest: Montanema Handmade village

Discover a magical landscape and the luxury of simplicity

Montanema Handmade Village is situated in a protected area by Natura 2000 network, 4,5 kilometres further from Plastira lake.

This Eco Village is built in a fir forest, at a 1000 metres altitude, overlooking the Thessaly plateau, Meteora and mount. Olympus.

Montanema Handmade Village consists of 33 stone-built houses and villas and:

”Aquanema Spa” 
With heating indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, stone Hammam, therapy area with massage & reflexology rooms, relaxation room. 

Health & fitness club 
With High-End Workout Equipment

‘’Fournia’’ restaurant
With wood fired ovens, serving rustic homemade cuisine made with locally & home grown food 

‘’Herema’’ coffee bar 
Serves refreshments made with fresh herbs that grow in the wild & homemade liqueurs

‘’Hedos’’ cellar
In the cellar there are taking place wine tasting events giving the chance to the visitors to taste home made organic wine and tsipouro

Multipurpose Hall
A bright and spacious Hall with great acoustics available for reservation (Conferences, yoga & pliates retreats) 

An outdoor kitchen
With fire pits and grills ideal for organizing private wild food cooking & tasting 

A wooden House
With games & activities for children, outdoor or indoor, such as games in nature, farm visiting & feeding the animals, painting and crafts, or cookies making.

Each building of Montanema Handmade Village is connected to the other through man-made cobble paths surrounded by the element of water.

swing Montanema handmade village
The natural outdoor pools and the small waterfalls create a super relaxing atmosphere, where the wild nature around allows you to experience the country life and its luxury of simplicity.
fir forest view hiking
bread making Montanema Handmade village
Waterfall mountain fir forest
The area welcomes you to explore it by foot, as the hikes are highly recommended and organized daily by the owners of Montanema Handmade Village, together with other activities such as bread, cheese, or soap making classes.
Indoor swimming pool

Wellness & comfort

The houses and suites of Montanema Handmade Village are well equipped, spacey, and comfortable, with fireplaces, tiled roofs, and wooden decorations.

Sauna, Hamam, massage, and reflexology, are some of the health treatments provided in Montanema Handmade village.

The sure thing is, that your stay here will be regenerative and unforgettable!

Types of eco-friendly accommodation in Montanema Handmade Village

There are eight types of eco-friendly accommodation options 
in Montanema Handmade Village: 

House-nest for two

Cozy Home

Family Home

Little villa

House with a loft 

Villa with a loft 

 Manor Villa with a loft 

Manor House

mystiko bathroom

House-nest for two

Names of the houses:

Aeriko, Anasa, Mystiko, Terpsi

Cozy and beautiful single-space houses of 50 square meters with one bedroom, ideal for couples.  

Each House-nest for two consists of a comfortable King size double bed 
with luxurious linen, a sitting are with a fireplace, a big veranda overlooking the fir forest, a handmade bathroom -each one of them is like a piece of art!-  and an 

easy-to-use kitchenette, where you will find the essentials to make coffee or tea. 

Aeriko house for two
Aeriko house for two
Anasa room for two
Anasa house for two bathroom
mystiko bathroom
Mystiko house for two

Cozy home

Names of the houses:

Fteri & Fellosousouro

Cozy single-space home of 35 m2 with one double bed, a big veranda, and a bathroom with a shower, ideal for couples who seek comfort and privacy.

Each Eco-friendly accommodation of Montanema Handmade Village is equipped with:

Private Balcony or Terrace, Private Terrace, Safe Deposit Box, Sitting Area, Writing Desk, Kitchenette with table and chairs, Refrigerator, hob and coffee maker, Basket with beverages, greek & filter coffee, Wood for the fireplace without charge, Handmade cosmetics with no chemicals , Towels for the swimming pool, Hairdryer, Bathrobes and slippers, King size bed, Antiallergic and ecological mattresses and quilts, Flat screen tv, High-speed Internet Access & Free Wi Fi.

Little Villas

Names of the Little Villas:

Elatogeri, Liocharo, Pelia, Psilothrono, Kintea, Nymfalida

Spacious villas of 60 square meters on one level which can accommodate up to three people.

King size beds, cozy sitting rooms with fireplaces, lovely kitchenettes with small tables and chairs, private veranda`s with mountain views and handmade bathroom, are some of the facilities of the little villas.

Elatogeri villa
Elatogeri veranda
sitting room Liocharo
Liocharo bedroom
Pelia sitting room
Ano Kato

Villa with a loft

Names of the Villa`s: Koryfaia & Evmelia

Luxurious villa`s of unparalleled aesthetics, 82 square meters, in the heart of Montanema Handmade Village, with a breathtaking view of Anthochori gorge.

Sit at the impressive huge verandas, listen to nature`s sounds and find your inner balance!

The Villa with a loft is an ideal accommodation option for families and friends groups, up to five people.

Experience the ultimate comfort in the luxurious bedroom with the king-size bed and the cozy wooden loft, the eiderdown quilts, and pillows.

Moreover, there is an iron single sofa-bed in the attic and one semi-double bed- in the sitting area which may accommodate one adult or two young children. 

The impressive high –ceilinged sitting room and the splendid fireplace, guarantee atmospheric days and nights in a warm, hospitable environment.
Enjoy romantic moments in the spacious and bright bathroom-a true work of art- with a separate shower and bathtub for two.

Family Home

Names of the Family Home accommodations:

Vrochalida, Glykodroso, Elatos, Filyra, Flouera, Leto, Liogerma, Melea, Melistalachto, Rodogerano, Riziko

An accommodation type specially designed to accommodate families or groups of friends.
Each Family House is approximately 75 square meters, has two bedrooms 

and sleeps up to five people.

One bedroom has a fireplace and a double bed and the second bedroom of the house has two single beds. 
Each bedroom has separate entrance to the bathroom. 

There is a big sitting room with a fireplace and a veranda, which offer relaxing moments and endless mountain views.

House with a Loft

Ano Kato

Names of the houses:

Ano Kato & Chamokeraso

Two-story houses of 85 square meters each can accommodate up to five people. 

Stone and wooden elements, thick handmade doors, a sitting room with a fireplace, two bedrooms, and a private veranda guarantee relaxing moments and privacy in this special eco-friendly accommodation.

Ano Kato
Ano KAto

Manor Villa with a loft

Names of the Manor Villas: Drimonia & Paionia

Each luxurious villa with a loft offers comfortable holiday stays in their wonderfully decorated interiors. 

Each villa is from 82 to 90 square meters, have spacious and bright bathrooms with a separate shower and bathtub for two, an equipped kitchenette, a private yard and iron antique beds.

The Manor Houses

Manor Houses:
Trano & Agerofisima

Special houses of 100 square meters each which can accommodate up to six people. 

There are two bedrooms (one of which with a fireplace and a separate entrance). 

Each of them has its own bathroom and they share a big veranda. 

The sitting room with the fireplace welcomes you to enjoy warm moments with your loved ones and the 

kitchenette which has a small dining room- to taste slowly the drink of your choice!

Manor bedroom

Special events in Montanema Handmade Village

The magical surroundings of Montanema handmade village are ideal for hosting your special moments.

Parties or weddings, yoga seminars and all kind of celebrations are taking place in this exceptional location. 

There are plenty wide open spaces indoor and outdoor, into the nature, or next to the swimming pool, that shape a romantic and idyllic scenery for your special celebration.

Healthy activities for your body & soul

The fitness workout program of Montanema Handmade Village is facilitated in a wonderful airy space overlooking nature. 

Here, you will exercise with machines of the latest technology, participate in yoga lessons, or in a running program, made especially to suit your needs . 

The trained staff of Montanema Handmade Village will guide you as you combine physical exercise with a special menu of a healthy diet.

Alternatively, you can explore the area by foot, go hiking, or for mushroom hunting.

There are various hiking trails starting from Montanema, one of them you can check here.

The story behind Montanema Handmade Village

In September 1999, Christos Athanasiadis, a mountain lover, was hiking among a fir forest when his eyes spotted through the mist, a small wooden lodge. 

Christos knew from this very first moment that he had found the retreat of his dreams. This is how this exciting adventure has started!

Christos renovated the rustic house while preserving its traditional character. 

Konaki in the woods become his ”nest” in the forest and then he dreamed of sharing these beautiful moments with others.

This is the story behind Montanema Handmade Village before it was even created.

Together with his loved ones and his friend Dimitris Panagopoulos, they started designing Montanema Handmade Village.

Stone by stone, a dream came true and a completely handmade village of hospitality was born, where the love for nature and art, tradition, and their ecological conscience shaped a dreamy eco-friendly accommodation where every visitor may experience the luxury of simplicity.

The Green policy of a Green Village

The design of Montanema Handmade village follows the principles of bio-climatic architectural design and eco-structure, with wood and stone as the main materials.

Montanema Handmade Village takes advantage of the solar gains during the winter as well as the cooling loads and natural elements of cooling during the summer. 

Solid masonry of 50-60 cm was made with great heat capacity in the buildings and insulation of 10-15 cm was put on the walls, the roofs and the floors. Wooden doors and double-glazed windows were chosen (low-e=1,1 soft coating).

Independent pellet units are used for the heating of every lodging which, combined with the energy fireplaces, contribute to the environment and to climate reversal, as wood is one of the renewable energy sources. 

The makers have proceeded to the installation of solar panels so as to ensure hot water all the time. 

Local stone (from the building site itself, as well) was used for the construction of the stone built houses while the timber comes from the area too. 

The cement screed was made by Kourasanit, the most reinforced and ecological traditional building material. 

The painting of the walls was made with established and certified eco-friendly paints. The floors are made of baked clay (cotto), a natural material, 100% recyclable.

In the initial design the owners took into account the flora of the estate and we intervened as little as possible while the owners planted a big amount of trees and bushes of the area.

The whole surrounding space is in perfect harmony with nature. The water supply and irrigation system come from mountain springs. 

The mattresses are antiallergic made of ecological and recyclable materials as well as the bed covers and sheets.

The raw materials of the products used come from local certified biological farmers of the area, limiting thus our carbon footprint.

The biological cleaning operates so as not to burden the area nor the underground water although they were under no obligation to proceed with such a construction by the initial study. 

The product of biological cleaning is used for the irrigation of part of their estate.

The owners of Montanema Handmade Village put great emphasis on recycling, make compost from their organic residues, as it is an ideal nourishment for their garden allotments. 

They also separate their waste into glass, metal and plastic.

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