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A hiking paradise: KEA island

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A hiker`s friendly island & a dive destination in the Aegean Sea: Kea island

A hiking paradise for nature lovers

Kea island

Kea or Tzia is the closest island of the Attic peninsula historical region and only an hour ferry ride from the port of Lavrio.

Lavrio is a town in the southeastern part of Attica and a one-hour drive from Athens.

Kea is a 131 sq. km island with about 2.500 residents with a rich tradition, a calming atmosphere, and a wonderful Slow Travel destination for hiking & diving lovers!

Even though Kea is located close to the mainland it is pretty much untouched by the mass tourism trends and, amazingly, the green landscape offers truly relaxing holidays in nature.

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A hiker`s friendly island

Kea is a hiker`s friendly island with a rich footpath network (81 km) which connects the different parts of the island.

The footpath is well-signed and the most important is that the Municipality of Kea provides information about the hiking routes and everything about Kea`s sites in the guide of the island (pdf) for Free in English or German which you can find and download here.

Full of oak and almond trees, Kea stands as the greener island of Cyclades island complex. 

The amazing beaches, some of them reachable only by foot or boat, offer endless calming moments next to their crystal clear waters.

A dive destination

In Kea, you will have the chance to try watersports such as 

Sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and diving.

It was 1975 when Jacques Cousteau discovered the shipwreck of the Britannic (floating hospital sank during WWI) in the seawaters around Kea and since then Kea is been on the list with the best dive destination in the world!

The steamboat Patris, the French ocean liner ‘’Burdigala’’, and Junkers 52 airplane wreck offer the best wreck dives to go for!

Travel through History

Back in time, Kea was called ‘’Hydroussa”’ (from Hydro, meaning water) which refers to the fact that there were countless natural sources of water on the island.

The first organized settlement in Kea dates back to 3300 – 3200 BC while in 2500 BC, during the raise of the Cycladic civilization, Kea`s inhabitants were engaged in livestock farming, agriculture, fishing, and the arts.

Nowadays the island`s atmosphere keeps its strong bond with the past. The houses are heated by fireplaces, the natural spring waters quench the thirst of locals & travellers, and the green pathways are welcoming every nature lover to explore life at a Slow pace.

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Travel Slow, Live sustainably & Love your Life!
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