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A Spa town in the wild – Slow Travel destination: Pozar Spa town, Loutraki

A Spa town in the wild - Slow Travel destination: Pozar Spa town, Loutraki

Recharge your body & soul and regenerate in the healing springs of Pozar Spa town!
Pozar spa town

A Spa town in the wild

Pozar Spa town is located at the foot of Mountain Vorras, 390 meters above sea level.

The natural hot springs of Pozar are found at a distance of 1,5 kilometers from Loutraki village, in Central Macedonia.

An ideal Slow Travel destination for Spa and Nature Lovers, for all ages and budgets.

Waterfalls, forest paths, and healing springs shape the idyllic natural scenery of Pozar Spa town. 

The entry to Pozar Spa town is free, all year round.

The geothermal hot springs of Toplitsa thermal river crosses the Spa town and are a natural resource of metals and minerals. 

Pozar means ”beneath the fire” and the water temperature here is 37o. 

A natural thermal bath into these waters reduces stress levels and regenerates your body, mind, and soul.

Walk under the cold waterfall, enjoy its regenerative powers, dip in the crystal-clear river`s waters and spot the manmade thermal pools along the river.

What a pleasure and simply Free!

Pozar Spa town

Hydrotherapy - Physiotherapy - Beauty

The first hydrotherapy centre in this area was launched in 1855 and renovated lately in 2009.

The Spa and wellness facilities offered in Pozar Spa town include hydrotherapy, massage, and physiotherapy.

In Pozar Spa town there are two Massage & Relax centers that offer full body & facial treatments, Shiatsu, reflexology, Aromatherapy, and cupping therapy services.

The Thermal Spa center in Pozar Spa town operates all year round at affordable prices. For more information check here or here.

Pozar Spa Town

Indoor & outdoor Hydrotherapy services

The Thermal Spa Centre in Pozar Spa town is surrounded by the wild and features:

15 indoor private individual bath pools for 6 persons with small waterfalls.
Cost: 3,5 euro per person

4 indoor private baths for 2-persons
Cost: 3,5 euro per person

2 indoor Hamam facilities for 1-3 persons
Cost: 3,5 euros per person

Spa Pozar centre
2 indoor pools suitable for 12 people Cost: 2 euros per person
2 outdoor pools where the visitor can enjoy a therapeutic bath in the warm waters, along the river Cost: 2 euros per person
1 outdoor swimming pool measuring 25m by 12.5m and 1 to 3m deep, next to the Νatural spa café
Cost: 3 euros per person

What is hydrotherapy?

The word “hydrotherapy” derives from the Greek word hydor, which means water, and from the word therapy.

Hydrotherapy treatment is the application of natural thermal waters for therapeutic use and is known since the 5th century BC and Hippocrates, the ‘’Father of Medicine’’.

In the ancient years, Greeks used to locate ‘’Asclepia’’, their health retreats in nature, close to healing springs, to honor the guarder of medicine in ancient religion and mythology, Asclepios.

The benefits of the thermal baths

The thermal waters in Pozar Spa town gush from a 630 m. deep geothermal hot spring and the benefits of hot springs bathing are multiple:

  • Raise the oxygen flow and blood circulation throughout the body
  • Take the strain off your body & Increase sleep quality
  • Apply as an additional treatment method to skin problems
  • Support healing process of the cervical syndrome treatment
  • Relieve symptoms of multiple Respiratory & Rheumatic diseases
  • Help eliminate muscle pain, joint pain, Sciatica, and Discopathy symptoms


Full body treatment & Natural detox

The natural healing powers of the hot springs minimalize the pains and improve the mental and physical health to some extent. What is required? Repeated visits.

A week or two of daily dipping in the thermal waters will wash your daily worries away and relax your mind and body.

The first time you will enjoy a thermal bath you may stay in the warm waters for 10 -12 minutes. The baths following can extend to 15-20 minutes.

Eat & relax along the river

In Pozar Spa town you can find a restaurant, with indoor and outdoor spaces, which serves traditional dishes.

Alternatively, you can take a refreshment next to the outdoor swimming pool, at the Νatural spa café.

There are some pick nick tables along the river as well, where you can lunch under the trees.

Pozar Spa town is an ideal Slow Travel destination for relaxation and regeneration.

Feel like hiking?

Pozar Spa town is the starting point of several hiking trails.

Within 2-hours of hiking among forest paths, wild law vegetation, you will reach the Ramno Bor Canyon and get astonished by the 12-meter Kounoupitsa waterfall.

This roundtrip lasts 5+ hours, the distance approximately 4 kilometers and it`s suggested for advanced hikers.

Check the best hiking trails starting or connected to Pozar Spa town and Loutraki village here

The Black Forest & the EU paths

Another popular hiking route starting from Pozar Spa town is the Black Forest of Orma, just 1,5 kilometers from the hot springs.

Promachon Forest is 24 kilometers further, where the National and European long-distance paths Ε4, Ε6 & Ο cross through Greece.

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How to get here?

Pozar Spa town and Loutraki village are located in this historic district of Greece, in Pella region.

Pella was the capital of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

Pozar Spa town is located 1,5 kilometers from Loutraki village. Loutraki and Pozar Spa town are year-round destinations and guarantee peaceful moments of relaxation.

The hydrotherapy center has affordable prices and is located right by the baths, so you may walk around with your flip flops and your swimming suit, as you wish.

Loutraki village and Pozar Spa town is located at 110 km distance from Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia. 

The local bus from Thessaloniki rides to Aridaia and then to Loutraki village regularly and costs approximately 17 euro for adults and 8 euros for children from 6-12. Children from 0 – 6 years old travel free of charge. 

Local bus telephone number

+ 0030 2310 595 435

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