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Slow travel in Greece

Life Lovers Greece

Who We Are?

Life Lovers Greece is a socially responsible network of people with the common love for
Slow travelling and well-being. 
We enjoy the journey of life and choose quality rather than quantity.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower local communities 
and promote the Slow Travel philosophy and the Slow Living lifestyle as an antidote to mental and physical exhaustion.
Back to basics luxury

We love to share with you our valuable findings

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Slow Travel Greece

Our team works closely with locally-based tourism professionals in order to secure accurate information about the destinations and the services offered, through Life Lovers Greece website.

Our Criteria

All eco-friendly accommodation choices carefully selected by Life Lovers Greece require three characteristics:

Our philosophy


Experience Travelling


Why in Greece?

Life Lovers Greece presents a selection of harmonious destinations, enabling the traveller to discover peaceful locations, appreciate the luxury of simplicity & travel in a meaningful way.
The wide variety of landscapes & landforms in Greece, shape the perfect setting to reconnect with nature and to explore the freedom to philosophize.
Addressing human issues, philosophy may lead to self-knowledge and fulfilment. Self-love can be life-changing and the key to a life full of meaning.

A Life full of Love!
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To philosophize or not to philosophize?

Even if you have not realized it, you philosophize often in your life. Everyone can philosophize, philosophy does not require expertise. The starting point in philosophy is questioning. ‘’Philosophizing’’ is the attempt to answer these philosophical questions.

''Life Loving is a journey for free.''

Take the chance and discover a delightful way of philosophizing while creating fresh life experiences!

Today, Life Lovers Greece is the first and only existing initiative that promotes the Slow travel philosophy & the Slow Living Lifestyle in Greece!

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Help us plant more Life Loving seeds into the world!

Join us, get inspired, and create a Life you Love!

''The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.'' Socrates

Living in a fast-paced world, people repeatedly defer their happiness to a later date by sacrificing their present for the ‘perfect future’, that may never come.

Slowness is the antidote to angst.

By slowing down, we live in the moment and create space for self-growth and personal freedom.

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