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Agios Achillios Guesthouse

Agios Achillios Guesthouse

Travel Green. Discover the little lake island of Agios Achillios and experience living among species of flora and 271 bird species!
Where? In Prespes National Park!

Agios Achillios lake island

11 houses, Agios Achillios Guesthouse, and an extraordinary restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of a serene tiny lake island, where the only sound that can reach your ears is the singing of the birds? Do you wish you were there?

Well, you still have the chance to make your wish come true! Agios Achillios is a tiny lake island located in Prespes National Park

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The first time that I visited Agios Achillios lake island I was astonished.

When I left the shore and start to walk on the floating bridge, I felt that time had stopped; the calming lake water created a peaceful atmosphere and the natural beauty around awaken my senses.

Agios Achillios Guesthouse

Natural environment and an open-air museum

The floating foot bridge led me to the lake island, surrounded by pelicans, in specific Argyropelecanos and Rhodopelecanos, ducks, and colourful flowers.

My eyes caught the exterior of a restaurant, which in reality, seemed like an art museum.

There were stony and wooden sculptures, placed harmonically, transforming the natural environment around to an open-air museum.

Agios Achillios Guesthouse

Agios Achillios exceptional restaurant

In a few moments, I found myself admiring the artworks in the impressive interior of Agios Achillios restaurant;

Huge paintings and artworks made with pure, local material, handmade exceptional wooden furniture beautifully engraved, introduced the spacious veranda, viewing at the lake, while a water buffalo enjoying his bath, only a few meters away.

 I thought I was dreaming.

Agios Achillios Restaurant

Local cuisine in an artistically decorated restaurant

Yiorgos Paraskevopoulos and his family welcomed us to their restaurant, while the appetizing cooking smells introduced us the tasteful local cuisine of Agios Achillios restaurant.

Yiorgos was born in Agios Achillios and together with his family are living permanently and happily in this exceptional lake island.

They own the restaurant and the traditional Guesthouse of Agios Achillios, which operate harmonically with the natural environment of the lake island.

Agios Achillios Restaurant
Agios Achillios Restaurant

Agios Achillios Guesthouse

We ate slow-cooked white beans soup (vegan), and paprika pie, made with love and care, as every little detail in this exceptionally luxurious and artistic restaurant.

The calmness of the lake was the greatest dessert after the special meal we had, and what could we desire more, than a good night`s sleep?

A few footsteps away, across the restaurant stands Agios Achillios Guesthouse.

A traditionally made building, with seven rooms, fair priced, pet and family-friendly.

harmonically with the natural environment of Agios Achillios lake island.

Agios Achillios Guesthouse has four double rooms and three triple rooms.

All the rooms of the guesthouse are decorated in a traditional style. They all have balconies overlooking the lake and equipped with a table and chairs.

They all have balconies overlooking the lake and equipped with a wardrobe, a table, and chairs. In each room, there is a private bathroom with a shower and freshly cleaned towels.

The tasteful breakfast is homemade and served in the lounge room, by the entry of the traditional Agios Achiilios Guesthouse.

Your baggage can be transferred to Agios Achilleios by boat for Free, while you will be enjoying a fresh drink in the garden.

In this cinematic scenery, surrounded by spectacular mountains and lakes, you will rediscover the natural life rhythm, regain your balance and find inner peace.

Agios Achillios Restaurant

The cinematic view of Prespa lake

Wish you were here?

Agios Achillios lake island and Prespes National Park is the ultimate lake, walking & cycling holiday you have ever dreamed of!

There are endless wide open spaces all around the lake to explore, among 2,000 species of flora, 271 bird species, 60 mammal species, 23 fish species, 22 reptile species and 11 amphibian species!

A car-free, Slow Travel destination for all nature lovers, birdwatchers, artists, photographers, and for those who seek for mental and emotional balance. 

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Agios Achillios Prespes
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