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Sustainable & Organic Vineyard holiday in Greece: Karimalis Winery, Icaria island

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Sustainable & Organic Vineyard holidays in Greece:

Karimalis Winery & Rural accommodation

Experience the Icarian lifestyle!

The certified organic vineyard farm of Karimalis Winery invites you to experience with all your senses the Icarian lifestyle and enjoy wine-tasting and gastronomy events.

Karimalis Winery is set in the rural area of Evdilos, which is one of the two ports of Icaria island, located on the northern shore of the island. 

The five generations of the Karimalis family have been devoted to winemaking, while the recent years renovated two traditional Icarian houses, which were used for about 500 years!
vineyard eco farm

Eco-friendly rural accommodation

Two warm and sustainable holiday houses provide a chemical-free environment, as they are built of natural materials and make use of green renewable energy (solar panels & solar power with biomass).

Mr. Karimalis and his family are offering generously their knowledge in organic wine production and
Mrs. Karimalis in Icarian`s unique gastronomy.

organic vineyard grapes
cooking classes indoor
The guests of Karimalis Winery have the chance to live like locals and participate in grape harvesting, fruit picking, in the raisins production process, or in goat milking.
There are endless spaces outdoor to enjoy sports activities such as hiking, running, cycling, archery, and most importantly, to learn the special Icarian dance!
goat milking
forest walk
grape harvesting

Traditional Icarian houses

Two traditional stone-built Icarian houses, recently renovated, provide comfortable holiday stays all year round.
There are set in 12,5 acres of land, surrounded by organic vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards, a vegetable garden, and farm animals.
The detached houses, each one of them between 70 and 80 m2, offer accommodation for 2 to 5 people and consist of large private yards with pergolas and flower gardens overviewing the vineyard and the North Aegean Sea.
There are sitting areas indoors and outdoors, as well as Wi-Fi Internet connection available throughout the property.

Self-catering Vineyard holidays

The Icarian House

The “Icarian House” has on the ground floor a sitting area with a fireplace, a double & a single bed, a fully equipped kitchen, and a private yard.
The bathroom is outdoor and shared with the guests of the ‘’Small sunset room’’, which is an autonomous studio, with a private entry, on the first level of the Icarian house.

The ‘’Icarian House’’House is ideal for small groups of friends or families, can accommodate up to three people on the ground floor while the ‘’Small Sunset room’’ is an ideal accommodation option for two.

To keep this simple, the Icarian House & the ”Small Sunset room” can be booked by a group of guests – whether family or friends – as the owners do not house together people who are strangers to each other.

Icarian house sitting area
The Icarian House used to be a semi-basement cellar. It is where massive clay pots were ‘planted’ into the ground for the fermentation and preservation of the wine, because of the low temperatures the clay pots keep inside!
little house bedroom

The Small Sunset room

The ‘’Small Sunset room’’ is an autonomous studio, located on the first level of the Icarian House. It is accessible by a private entrance through an outdoor stone-built staircase.
It is equipped with a double bed, a wood stone for heating, a private bathroom with a shower, and a marvelous veranda with endless mountain and sea views.
little house view
kamara house outdoor

The Kamara House

The “Kamara House’’ (Kamara lit. means arch) provides accommodation for up to four people.

Kamara House is equipped with one double and two single beds, a wardrobe, and a bathroom with a shower.
There is a sitting area in the yard next to the kitchen where the Karimalis family prepares daily, after sunset, the traditional meals offered by Karimalis Winery to their guests.
single bedroom
double bedroom
single bed
double bedroom

The Pirgari studio

“Pirgari” is an autonomous studio with private entry, situated on the first level of ‘’Kamara House’’ and can accommodate two people. It is accessible by a private entrance through an outdoor stone-built staircase.
The Pirgari studio is equipped with a twin bed, a wardrobe, bedroom furniture, chairs, a fridge, and a private bathroom with a shower.
To keep this simple, the Kamara House & the Pirgari studio can be booked by a group of guests – whether family or friends – as the owners do not house together people who are strangers to each other.
The houses of Karimalis Winery offer marvelous views from their outdoor spaces and provide comfort and privacy in their environmentally friendly, traditional spaces.
The meals provided in Karimalis Winery & Rural accommodation are 100% from the family`s own production, from the organically grown gardens and farm animals.
Breakfast & Dinner are served outdoors, under the Icarian skies, overlooking the Aegean sea and the vineyards.

Traditional Icarian Breakfast & Dinner

The luxurious breakfast is served in a sitting area at the front garden and includes: 

Hand-kneaded bread, homemade jams, fresh fruit syrups fruit, grape molasses, goat’s milk & cheese, fresh eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, beverages made from local herbs, tahini (sesame seeds paste) served with Icarian honey, and of course Greek coffee or any other of your choice.

The dinner table, after sundown, invites the guests of Karimalis winery to dine with the hosts and taste the Icarian cuisine, which is plant-based and lightly cooked.

Wine tasting is a must for whom desires to ‘’connect to God Dionysus’’, as locals say and experience the ancient Pramnian wine.

The ancient Pramnian wine

The ancient ‘Pramnios’ wine production in Icaria dates back to Homer’s time, as he states in his epic poems ‘’the Iliad’’ & ‘’the Odyssey’’ that Pramnios wine was dedicated to the worship of the god Dionysus.

Pramnios wine has been referenced in various ancient texts since antiquity.

Galinos the Athenian and Hippocrates mention the medicinal use of this specific wine, while in recent years famous world travelers , such as Buondelmonti, Bordone, Boschini, Thevenot, shared their positive reviews over this special wine.

wine tasting vineyard

Sustainable holidays in Karimalis Winery

The guests of Karimalis Winery may enjoy cookery classes, wine tasting, and seasonal farming activities.
The guests are offered meals prepared with organically, locally, and home-grown food, while the farm and winery function through procedures that are friendly to the environment.
The use of renewable energy sources (RES), such as solar energy from photovoltaic systems and solar power with biomass provides the winery and the farm with green energy.
For waste recycling, a 3m2 composter composts all organic waste performed on the farm, at the winery, and in the houses.
A hybrid water heating system has been constructed for the daily needs of hot water (a combination of solar energy and biomass burning), working throughout the year.
The leftover grape marc is used to feed the farm animals, while the leaves and branch trimmings, the dregs, the sediments from the wine-making process, and the food and paper waste from the houses, are used as a natural fertilizer for the gardens and vineyards of Karimalis winery.
With the application of this bioclimatic system, we have eliminated the use of air-conditioners in our buildings.

Aerobic system of wastewater biological treatment

The liquid waste from the winery and the houses is piped into special tanks, where it is treated with oxygen for biological cleaning (A.S.M. Activated Sludge Model).
This treatment results in two by-products: sewage sludge, which is shifted into the composter, and some almost-clean water suitable for irrigation.
This reduces the amount of water that needs to be pumped from the municipal water network.
An additional factor is the use of biodegradable detergents and cleaning materials.
Moreover, the Karimalis family practices the following principles of sustainability:
They have built a rainwater storage system for irrigation purposes.
They avoid the use of fossil fuels and opt for using alternative technology methods and systems.
Recycle packaging and other materials.
Built the houses using exclusively natural materials, such as wood, stone, reed, fabric, traditional cast iron things, etc.
Ensure that all the furniture we use, the doors, and the windows are made from natural wood and are covered with natural protective materials, such as wax and oil.
Use cork underlay in all beds and eco-friendly mattresses made from 100% latex.
Take care that all towels, bedsheets, and bedcovers are 100% cotton.
Use soaps made only from natural materials and biodegradable detergents.

The story behind Karimalis Winery & Rural accommodation

The winery was set up by George Karimalis and his wife Eleni, when in 1999, they decided to give up their successful careers in Athens and start a new life in their homeland, in Ikaria island.
They restored and revived the 500-year-old vineyard that had been passed down to them and established the Karimalis winery in 1997.
Ever since, they have engaged in a healthier lifestyle, together with their children and grandchildren, and welcome guests and visitors to taste some of their excellent wine production and Ikarian lifestyle.
Are you ready to sit back & relax, and rediscover taste and the love to live?

Icaria & Kalimalis Winery invites you to taste some of the Icarian lifestyle!

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