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A birdwatchers paradise - Slow Travel destination: Elati.

A forest village on the slopes of Pindus range, with a rich variety of wildlife, from predatory bird to brown bear, wolf and roe deer!

:ife Lovers Greece Slow Travel

Where the majestic natural beauty meets Elati forest village

Located in Northern Greece, the picturesque village named Elati is built amphitheatrically 950 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Pindus range.

Mount Koziakas surrounds ‘’Elati’’, which in Greek means ‘’fir’’, and yes, you have guessed right.

The village is surrounded by fir-tree forests, unfolding an amazing, serene, deep green scenery, ideal for birdwatching and relaxation.

Travel through history

Elati forest village has five hundred permanent inhabitants and its rich history and tradition starts from the 4th century BC and grows beautifully through the years. 

No doubt that the modernisation of Elati was not only a matter of economic survival for the locals but also critical for their vital ethical values, after World War II, when the village was burnt down by the Germans.

Take a walk around the village and see the oldest, still standing house, owned by ‘’Gidaris’’ family, which was built around 1845. 

Red-tiled and stony roofs are characteristic architectural details in this rural area, where the old mansions standing proud throughout the years, reveal layers of history and the flourishing of Elati in the Classic period.

Petrina Elatis Slow Travel Greece
Traditional breakfast Petrina Elatis
In the multiple local ‘’tavernas’’(restaurants), you may taste traditional recipes cooked in ceramic pans with plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs, collected in the nearby mountains.
Sit on a terrace and try ’Trachana’’, a meat free ‘’mama’s  soup’’, accompanied by a brave portion of feta cheese….just amazing! For dessert, we suggest delicious ‘’sapoune halva’’, homemade and special!

While the gorgeous mountain view hijacks your interest, the smell of lemon balm, silver linden and culinary sage blooming within reach will awaken your senses!

Here grow the wild and pyramidal orchid, the red helleborine, the sweet white violets and the ivy-leaved cyclamen, contrasting perfectly with the yellow & purple Loosestrifes

What a relaxing view to stare at!

Mushrooms forset Elati village Petrina Elatis

18 bridges, 5 rivers & 26 hiking trails

If you feel like exploring the area, the European walking route E4 passes through Elati, linking the village with 26 hiking trails!

Walk among the age-long oak and platanus trees and discover a series of small waterfalls, the ancient city named ‘’Potneo’’ and the 19 bridges standing above Achelous, Portaikos, Pineios, Litheos and Enipeas, the 5 rivers crossing Elati’s scope!

Each bridge has its own name and 16 of them are stony. Learn about their history, walk on them, swim beneath them and be part of the history of tomorrow!

What is more ideal, after this long walk, to take a refreshment and stay over in an exceptional traditional guesthouse? Check here ”Petrina Elatis” traditional guesthouses complex, and experience the Slow Living lifestyle in Elati forest village!

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