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BIKEWISE – Let’s Cycle in Greece!


Let's Cycle in Greece!


Guided Bike Holidays & Tours in Greece

Bike Wise is a Green and eco-friendly entrepreneurship that offers E-biking holidays and tailor-made E-bike tours in the area of ZagoriPindos National Park, and Aoos-Vikos National Park.

Chara Pliatsika and Lefteris Fates are the two passionate founders of BIKEWISE. 

As they followed an eco-friendly lifestyle and used green transportation, they decided to turn their passion for cycling into a successful business, the BIKEWISE company, based in Ioannina city.

BIKEWISE team designs and implements guided holidays and bike tours with their CUBE and GIANT e-bikes, which guarantee comfortable rides, and healthy holidays all year round.

High quality services & cycling equipment

BIKEWISE offers high-quality services, from a picnic with traditional foods and drinks to cycling equipment. 

Helmets, gloves, windbreaks, water supplies, travel insurance, are all arranged and inclusive when you choose for a holiday trip with BIKEWISE!

During a guided bike tour you will have the chance to visit inaccessible villages and explore in an environmentally friendly way Epirus and the area of Zagori.
You will be accompanied by experienced cycle guides who share their insights, so you will learn about the history & tradition of the localities you visit, joyfully!
Are you ready to enjoy the freedom, feel the fresh air & discover rural Greece on an electric bike?

Let`s Cycle in Greece!

Choose for BIKEWISE.
 Where? In the Epirus region, in Northwestern Greece.

The e-bike holidays & tours are small group tours, and pet-friendly.
For more information & booking inquires check here:
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