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A harbour for writers, artists and intellectuals, Lafkos cultural village

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A scenic route to cultural beauty - Slow Travel destination: Lafkos.

The oldest ‘’Kafeneio’’ in Greece in Lafkos cultural village

A harbour for writers, artists and intellectuals

Once upon a time, in the late 15th century, when Pelion region was attacked by the Turks and the pirates, Lafkos village provided shelter to those at risk and enabled its population growth.

‘’Lafkos’’ means greyish-blue, and the village is located at 310 meters’ altitude, over-viewing the gulf of Pagasitikos and Milina’s Βay.

Lafkos is car-free and all vehicles have to be parked in one of the three public car parks on the outskirts of the village.

With a permanent population of less than 150 people, Lafkos adapts itself to the slow pace of nature during the winter season while in the summer months it becomes a lively cultural destination!

Lafkos Cultural Village

Grab the opportunity and explore the area on foot

Walk under the shade of the plane trees towards the central square of the village and be amazed by the oldest ‘’Kafeneio’’ in Greece still serving the best coffee in the region after 235 years!
Owned by Forlida family, ‘’Kafeneio’’ has been a historical inn that hosted various local musicians and famous intellectuals such as the novelist Alexandros Papadiamantis, the poet Kostas Varnalis and Alexandros Delmouzos, who devoted his career to leading the movement of educational demoticiscm.
Sit under the immense plane tree in the middle of the square and order a Greek coffee at Mr. Manolis’ place. Let the singing birds compose the greatest soundtrack and take a sip…What a taste!
Lafkos Oldest Kafeneio in Greece

Photo credits Dimitris Vourvoulias

Wandering in Lafkos cultural village 

Let the narrow cobblestone streets lead you around the traditional houses with the thick walls (60cm) and the small windows.
Spot their impressive wooden doors specially made to keep the locals safe from the enemies’ looting in olden days.
Lafkos Slow Travel Greece

Need a refreshment?

Along the way of Lafkos district, you can find many natural water springs with drinkable water and guess what:

Each one of them has a name! ’’Chatzi’’ and ‘’Touloumpa’’ springs built in 1800 and 1910 are the ‘must taste their water’’ natural springs in the village!

Sustainable Food Destination Greece

Eat like a local, eat Slow!

The traditional wood-fired bakery in the village owned by Ioannis Drositis has been baking handmade cookies and stuffed bread with unique vegetarian flavors since 1955!
For lunch or dinner, try the Slow-cooked ckichpea soup served with bread in a local tavern, the delicious oreganoballs and the original batzina pie made with homegrown zucchini and lots of love!

For Art Lovers

A few steps further than the central square, you find yourself in front of the Fampeion museum of Art. The permanent exhibition of Thanasis Fampas artworks (1922 – 2011) beautifies the old renovated school building.
His impressive paintings are influenced by the Byzantine years and his sculptures made of white Pelion marble reflect perfectly the flaky snow in the winter times.
The last weekend of July, yearly, a children’s Art workshop takes place in the museum, introducing the art of painting and sculpting to children of 5 – 11 years old.
Parents, do not miss it!

The next stop is the primary school of Lafkos and the Folk Art Museum. 

An exhibition of historical objects such as clay jars and traditional chests reveals the folk tradition of the village and the Pelion region.

Under the same roof operates the local library and the Cultural Club “Drasi” (Action), organizing cultural events in Lafkos throughout the year.
Slow Travel Greece

Walking routes & Rock climbing 

If you feel like exploring downhill, there is an easy waymarked trail that links Lafkos to Milina bay. 

This circular walking trail is easy to follow, even if you are not experienced in hiking. The distance is 3,5 km and the walking time is approximately 60 minutes. 

Make a stop halfway at ‘’Monastiraki’’ chapel and taste the natural freshwater from the spring nearby!
Half an hour later, you have reached Milina, the beloved bay village!
Enjoy the magnificent sunset and, on your way back, check out the ancient city ruins of Olizon, an important city inhabited since prehistoric times and mentioned in the epic poem of Homer ‘’The Iliad’’! 
The route finishes back where you started from, in Lafkos. For the rock climbing lovers, the mountainous area of ‘Mikro’ is a few kilometers away and it is easily accessible all year long.

Lafkos, a harbour for intellectuals 

Lafkos has always been a harbor for writers, artists, and intellectuals from around the world. Some of them found in Lafkos their second homeland, bought and renovated old traditional houses, and experienced a stress-free kind of living.

Visit this exceptional Slow travel destination and explore Lafkos cultural village all year long!

In the nearby villages (Promiri 6km, Milina 5km, Argalisti 9km), there are three pharmacies and a Health Center in Argalasti, 9 kilometers away from Lafkos.

Want more? 
Don`t miss visiting ‘’Antonis Tavanis’’ Radio Museum!

The story behind the museum

Antonis Tavanis was a visual artist who loved radio listening. In 2006 Antonis visualized the making of a radio museum in Lafkos but, after his unexpected death of heart attack, Wilfred Seps and the Cultural club of Lafkos ‘’Drasi’’ brought the Radio museum to life. Prof. Seps from Switzerland visited Lafkos in the early 60s and fell in love with it at first sight!
He bought a house in the village and four decades later he donated 100 radios from his personal collection to the Radio museum, which is open all year round and is cost-free to visit!
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