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Plikati & ‘’Mastorochoria’’ cluster of villages

Grammos Plikati mountain range

Slow Travel destination: Plikati, Epirus, northwestern Greece

Plikati & the ‘’Mastorochoria’’ cluster of villages

Plikati village is built at 1240 meters above sea level, at the southeast slopes of Mount. Grammos.

The village is surrounded by virgin forests of oaks, firs, black pines and beeches, natural springs, and streams.

Plikati has 70 permanent residents and is part of the Mastorochoria cluster of villages.

‘’Mastorochoria’’ literary means ‘’The craftsmen Villages’’ and are in total thirteen villages in the area of Ioannina, in the Epirus region.

In Plikati you can visit the impressive church of Agios Athanasios, built in the 17th century, and the old church of Panagia Plikaditissa, built-in 1775, two important sites with historic and artistic value.

Grammos plikati village

Plikati and Grammos mountain range

Grammos is a mountain range on the borders of Greece and Albania, that belongs to the “Natura 2000” network.

The geological formation in the Grammos mountain range shapes an alpine environment, ideal for mountain lovers.

In the scenic beautiful Grammos mountain range are living many animals including brown European bears, wolves, deers, and wild goats, eagles, and predatory birds.

The natural springs of river Aliakmonas, the crystal clear streams, the lush forests, the rivers, and the dragon lakes of Grammos mountain range offer one of the most beautiful mountain hiking trails in the world!

From Plikati starts a four-hour mountain hike of 11,5 kilometers to the highest peak of Grammos Mountain range ‘’Tsouka Petsik’ at a 2.520 meters altitude and Skirtsi peak.

Grammos mountain range

The craftsmen of Plikati & its neighboring villages

Mastorochoria Cluster of villages was named after the well-known builders and craftsmen living in these villages, whose talent and artistic stone construction skills were known since the 17th century.

The word ‘’Mastoras’’ (‘’Mastores’’ in plural) in Greek has the meaning of someone being very good in something, usually in an artistic or construction work.

The Mastores of Mastorochoria were traveling in groups to America, Aethiopia, Russia, and France.

Most of their time they were working far away from their families, as their wives and children were living permanently in Mastorochoria.

The mountain and rocky Mastorochoria are situated in rural, rough landscapes where agricultural activities couldn`t be an occupational option for its residents.

This explains why their interest and dedication to the artistic and construction activities, as the rocky environment was an inspirational source for the artistic stone craftsmen.

In Chionades settlement, a neighbouring village of Plikati, were living and working groups of talented artists in Icon painting from the 18th century till the mid. of 20th century.

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The ''Mastorochoria'' villages are:

Asimochori , Vourmpiani, Gorgopotamos, Drosopigi, Kastania, Kefalochori, Lagkada, Oxya (Oxya, Theotokos), Plagia, Plikati, Pyrsogianni, Chionades
There are many trekking trails, rock climbing, and walking routes starting from Plikati and its neighboring villages.
What is more ideal than staying over in an Eco-friendly accommodation near to Plikati village?
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The ultimate Slow Traveller`s activity in Plikati:

Mountain tea & wild herbs picking from Plikati rural area.
Connect with nature. Connect with yourself.

Here you will enjoy the silence and rediscover the best pleasures in life. The simplicity of nature and the simplicity of life.

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