Slow Travel in Greece

A secluded oasis on a secret island. Slow travel destination: Pserimos.

Slow Travel Greece

A secluded oasis on a secret island. Slow travel destination: Pserimos.

The car-free island with the cleanest sea waters in Dodecanese, South Aegean Sea

Live as a castaway to escape the crowds

Pserimos is a little secret island of 15 km2 , with turquoise waters surrounded by olive groves, green valleys, and low hills in the Southeastern Aegean Sea.
It is a car-free island and an ideal getaway for those who look for privacy and calmness.
The seawaters around Pserimos island are the clearest in the island complex of Dodecanese! 
Pserimos is located in between Kos and Kalymnos.

It has no paved roads but the cleanest bathing waters of the Dodecanese 

(Dodecanese literally means ‘’twelve islands’’).

During the winter months, Pserimos is almost totally deserted while in the summer it has nearly 200 inhabitants.
The locals live between Kos, Kalymnos and Pserimos throughout the year.
Some of them are active in the local agricultural and touristic sector, or farming.

Where the caper plants grow wild!

When you arrive in Pserimos natural harbour, you find yourself in Avlakia, the capital of Pserimos and the only settlement of the island!

Located on the southwest side of Pserimos, Avlakia is built on the site of an ancient settlement according to oral history.

The vegetation of the island is low, rich in wild caper plants and aromatic purple coloured thyme.
This explains why the locals call Pserimos ‘’Kapari’’(caper) because of the wild caper bushes growing on the island!
In Avlakia there are rooms to rent, four tavernas, two coffee bars, a mini-market, and one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen!
The sandy beach of Avlakia has shallow, transparent and crystal clear waters, and it looks like a natural swimming pool!

Travel through History

Homer, one of the greatest ancient Greek poets, refers to Pserimos as being part of the Kaludnas Islands, in his epic poem, Iliad.
In later years, the historian Pliny the Elder calls Pserimos ‘’Pserema’’, verifying that the name of the island has been preserved for centuries.
In the ancient times, Pserimos was also called ‘’Ipsirisma’’, which means ‘’dark shade’’.
Remnants of Christian basilicas from the 5th AD, as well as traces of pottery artwork dating from the Hellenistic period, were found on the island.

In the recent years the municipality of Kalymnos, which Pserimos is part of, planted about 6,000 olive trees on the island, an important step towards a greener future for the island! 

But, wait, there is more to explore!

Hiking routes in Pserimos island

Walk through Pserimos hiking trails and you will discover the hidden beaches of the island including, Marathounta, Grafiotissa, Glistra, Korakia, Roussa, Trevathia, and the bay of Vathy.
Marathounta beach is located in the northern part of the island and you can reach it after a forty-five-minute walk, following the Marathon trail.
Grafiotissa is a small, white-sanded beach, among hillsides, overviewing the astonishing Aegean Sea.
It is reachable within α forty-minute walk from the harbour of the island, Avlakia.
The beautiful, whitewashed chapel of Panagia Grafiotissa stands upon the seashore of Grafiotissa beach, where the name of the beach has been traditionally taken from.
In Vathy bay, you can enjoy the sandy and gravelly beach, after a thirty-five-minute walk from Avlakia, to the east.

Note this!

None of the island beaches is organized. 
This means that you have to be prepared, have sun cream, a sun shade sail, fabric or parasol, water, and food supplies in your backpack!
Every year in Avlakia, on the 15th of August, takes place the traditional celebration in honour of the Virgin Mary at the Church of Panagia, followed by traditional music, dance, and local delicacies!
Check the rock climbing routes around Avlakia and Glistra beaches, swim in the crystalline waters of the South Aegean Sea, dive & explore Thor Star shipwreck!
Make sure you bring your own equipment, a pair of durable shoes, and a good book to read, or some pieces of paper to write yourself one!

How to reach Pserimos?

During the summer months, there is a ferry connecting Pserimos to Kalymnos (Pothia) after a fifty-minute journey.
Alternatively, you may reach Pserimos by boat taxi from Kos (Mastihari) after sixty-minute sailing time!
The ideal Slow Travel activities you can do on Pserimos island are hiking, diving, snorkelling, rock climbing, sunset watching, food & drink tasting.
Pserimos is an excellent Slow travel destination that promises inspiring, private moments, and the essence of a castaway’s life!

Travel Slow, Live sustainably & Love your Life!

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