Slow Travel in Greece

Sustainable Food in Greece

Sustainable Food in Greece

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Sustainable Food in Greece

How green Greece is?

Lonely Planet, one of the biggest travel guide book publisher worldwide, has voted Greece as the ultimate Sustainable Food Destination for 2021!

No wonder why, as ‘’Greeks have been green for centuries’’, as the author Kate Armstrong writes in her article that is published recently.

And it is true that in Greece it is common to grow your own garden and eat seasonal, local food. But, is local and seasonal food always sustainable?

What is sustainable food after all?

Sustainable food is grown or raised by regenerative methods and practices.

This means that a sustainable diet is organic, healthy, and environmentally responsible.

Sustainable agriculture suggests an ethical and efficient food system for the farmer, the earth, and society as a whole.

The basis of this type of agriculture is the use of sustainable seeds (non-hybrid) and green gardening solutions, and adopt a less animal-based diet.

Sustainable Food Destination Greece

Greece has always had a farm-to-table lifestyle which reflects on the social, environmental and economical dimension of the country.

Nowadays, there are many farmers in Greece who engage in regenerative practices.

Their products are ecological, and their sustainable approach to agriculture has a social and economical impact in the societies.

It is very common to eat in a Greek tavern an omelette made with “free-range” eggs. In this case. The eggs that you are eating are coming from chicken that is raised outdoors and not housed in a building.

It is usual as well, to walk among chicken, or hens, even among a cattle of cows and wandering goats in the rural areas in Greece.

Sustainable food system emphasizes on animal welfare. Free-range farming allows the animals to freely exhibit natural behaviours and have access to the outdoors.

How can you adopt a sustainable healthy diet?

Besides the multiple health benefits of a sustainable diet, this lifestyle has mental and social benefits as well.

Imagine growing your own food by creating a self-sufficient garden, awesome, right?

Even if you live in urban areas, it is possible to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Read here 8 ways to live sustainably!

Sustainable Living Greece

8 ways to live sustainably

1. Buy.
Buy local, organic, and seasonal food.

2. Search.
Search for local farmers in your neighbourhood, city, village, region. 

3. Ask.
Ask in the grocery store, where the food you are buying is coming from.

4. Grow.
Grow yourself a garden. Place feeders and birdhouses, plant seeds, and eat homegrown food!

5. Join.
Join a community garden in your area, or an online gardening community.

6. Self-educate.
Read about organic farming methods and plan to start your indoor herb garden.

7. Watch.
Watch your food waste. Try composting, a sustainable method that turns food waste into soil.

8. Connect.
Connect with nature. Explore green spaces even in urban areas and discover urban farming. 

Start today, tomorrow never comes!

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