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The Captains Village – Slow Travel destination: Asprogeia

Asprogeia village

The Captains Village - Slow Travel destination: Asprogeia

A peaceful picturesque village and a passage of the ''Paths of Peace'', in the rural area of Florina, Western Macedonia

Asprogeia is a picturesque village built at the foothills of Mount. Vitsi at an altitude of 860 m.

The winters here are cold and often snowy while in the summer the cool breeze allows you to enjoy the long summer days avoiding the heat waves.

In Asprogeia are living less than 100 permanent residents, who enjoy their life in this peaceful location, and work for the upliftment of their village.

Asprogeia village houses nature

The Captains Village

During the Macedonian Struggle (1904 – 1908 ), Captain Vagelis also known as Strempeniotis led together his chiefs led the revolutionary struggle.

Captain Vagelis’s real name was Evangelos Natsis Georgiou, born in 1876 in Asprogeia and died in 1904 during the Macedonian Struggle.

The big list of brave men, 
also called Captains, 
from Asprogeia, who resisted and fought at the Macedonian Struggle and the Greek 
War of Independence, 
explains why Asrogeia is also called ‘’The Captains Village’’.
Evangelos NAtsis Macedonian Florina

A statue of Captain Vangelis is to be seen in his birthplace of Asprogeia to honor him for the fight for the Liberation of Macedonia.

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The Paths of Peace

In the decade 1930 – 1940 more than 1000 Asprogeian villagers immigrated to Canada, the United States, Germany, and Australia. 

Nowadays, among other sources of income in the village is livestock farming, agriculture, and construction activities.

The Paths of Peace are crossing Asprogeia and connect the village with 6 settlements and villages.

Paths of Peace is a hiking trail and cycling route which crosses important natural & cultural locations and connects:

Lehovo, Asprogeia, Nymfaio, Agrapidies, Sklithro and Limnochori

Also crosses the Wolf sanctuary of Arcturos, the lakes Zazari and Chimaditida, as well as dense forests.

More about the Paths of Peace you can read here.

The natural springs along the cobbled streets, the running waters and the rich forest full of beeches make Asprogeia a unique Slow Travel destination to visit!

Asprogeia cobblestone village
Asprogeia village autumn
snowy winters Asprogeia

For the ultimate Slow Travel experience, ”Dorothea`s Stone House in the forest” in Asprogeia is the ideal spot for your overnight stay.

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