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The Caryadis village – Slow Travel destination: Karyes

The village of Caryadis - Slow Travel destination: Karyes

Karyes traditional village

Karyes is traditional village built at an altitude of 950m at the foot of Mount. Parnon.

Karyes has less than 1.000 inhabitants, it is located on the northeastern side of Laconia and borders with Arcadia region.

The village is surrounded by a forest and the beauty of nature. The European Path 4 crosses Karyes and a network of hiking and cycling paths are starting from the village.

The traditional houses have red-tiled roofs and the village`s square with the age-old plane tree invites you to sit under its shade and enjoy slow, a cup of Greek coffee, or a refreshment at the ‘’Kafeneio’’ of the village.

Chestnuts, traditional cheeses, organic oil & honey, walnuts, olives, and locally-made wine, are some of the flavors you must taste when visiting Karyes village.

Karyes Caryatides

Does the name ‘’Caryatid’’’ rings a bell?

Karyatides or Caryadits are the sculpted female figures used in marble architecture since ancient times (550 BC).

Karyatides literally means ”maidens of Karyes”.
In Karyes was built in 1983 the temple dedicated to goddess Artemis.

More about Caryadits monument you can read here.

The maidens of Karyes were virgin priestesses who danced every year in “Karyatia”, a celebration in honor of Artemis of Karyatida.

The local dance named “Karyatis” was a difficult dance and Kariatides became famous for their harmonious dance and their beautiful appearance, so that all the harmonious female figures, mainly in sculpture, began to be called Caryatids.

Holiday cottages hiking

The rural life in Karyes & Caryatides trails

The inhabitants of Karyes are living peacefully and in harmony with the natural environment around their village.

They are working in agriculture, livestock farming, beekeeping, and tourism industry.

An ideal Slow Travel destination for hikers, nature, and history lovers.

There are at least seven trekking trails in the area, the Caryatides Trails which are well marked and suitable for all ages and abilities.
More about the Caryatides trails you can read here.

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For the ultimate Slow Travel experience, ”Arachovitika Kalivia” in the rural area of Karyes is the ideal spot for your overnight stay.

Travel Slow, Live sustainably & Love your Life!

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