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The hill farm house – Toumba Eco Farm

Eco friendly accommodations

The hill farm house – Toumba Eco Farm

Hill Farm House

Toumba Eco Farm

Within a 15-minute walk from Milies, you find yourself in Toumba Eco Farm, which sits on the flat-top peak of a hill, named after the morphology of the land (Toumba means ‘’hill’’).

In the Mid90s, Kostas Moukas visualized the making of Toumba Eco Farm and the regeneration of Plomari mountainous areas, where he enjoyed his summer holidays as a child.

Kostas spent the first few years taking care of the land, as it was recovering from a big fire. Later on, he co-founded the Association for the preservation of the abandoned villages in Plomari area.

Toumba Eco Farm

The shelter of a dreamer

During these years, in a piece of land around a hill, he discovered a natural wellspring. This precious finding increased the fertility of the earth, fruit trees were planted, vegetable gardens were created and life began to bloom!

On the top of this hill, Kostas dreamed of creating a shelter. A place where everybody is welcome to stop by and explore the hiking trails around and appreciate the natural environment.

In the meantime, the breeding of the nearly extinct regional mountain horse Mydilis began. Mydilis are small horses, native to Plomari region and characterized by a unique walking way!

Eco friendly accommodations

3.300 square meters of natural beauty

After 12 years of hard work, in 2008, his dream came true. The five traditional guesthouses of Toumba Eco Farm were built and welcomed their first travelers!

Ever since, Toumba Eco Farm offers special accommodation and exceptional hospitality services, always with respect to the local culture and the natural environment.

Toumba Eco Farm covers 3.300 square meters, overlooking valleys, the Aegean Sea, Chios & Psara islands, and its surrounding mountains.

You may admire this outstanding panoramic view from all five traditionally constructed guesthouses, while enjoying excellent facilities with full privacy and autonomy.

Where simplicity meets green autonomy

Each house sleeps 2 to 4 people, is 40 square meters and is fully-equipped with warm water, central heating, fireplace, ceiling fan, and a kitchen.

Solar and wind generators provide sustainable electricity and heating to the guesthouses during all four seasons of the year.

The bright rooms with the wooden furniture have each a double bed or twin beds and a sofa bed, a private bathroom with a shower, and a veranda. 

Accommodation costs vary, depending on how many people stay over in each guesthouse, starting from 50 euros per day for two guests and 70 euros for four.

Slow Travel Greece Toumba Eco Farm

Eat Slow, live like a local

The lovely restaurant of the farm is open from early in the morning, offering luxurious breakfast, lunch & dinner, all homemade & fresh!

Take your time and taste a fresh jus d’orange or a traditional dish made with locally grown food!
Enjoy your lunch in the restaurant and have your dinner outside, under the skies, on the terrace. How tasty and beautiful Life can be!
Milies & Toumba Eco Farm guarantee unhurried moments and breathtaking mountainous views to locals and travellers.
An ideal getaway for nature lovers, sportspersons, photographers, writers, and naturally, all Life Lovers around the globe!
Toumba Eco Farm Slow Travel Greece

What about interesting things to do?

  • Wander barefoot through the farm among fig & pear trees and smell the wild growing herbs & flowers.

  • Take the opportunity and come into contact with the friendly horses of the farm. Benefit yourself!

  • Try a trip in history by visiting Plomaritochoria, the abandoned villages of Plomari.

  • Book reading and writing are highly suggested in the serene & safe environment that Toumba Eco Farm provides.

  • Take an easy walking route & appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the area.

  • Watch the sunrise & the sunset and breathe in Life!

  • Express yourself through Art. Various workshops take place on the farm throughout the year. Get informed & join!

  • Interested in organizing a ceremony or a seminar? This is possible!
    Toumba Eco Farm offers accommodation(s) for indoor & outdoor receptions.

  • Take your chances and spot the tiny squirrel of Lesvos, a species living in the area.

  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of St.Isidoros beach, 9 kilometres down the hill.

  • Rent a bike for free and enjoy a ride in nature.

  • Challenge yourself & improve your photography skills in nature photography.
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