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The mystical beauty of Moon bathing at 5,285 feet above sea level!

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Slow Travel Destination: Therma, Samothraki island, Northern Aegean Sea.

The mystical beauty of Moon bathing at 5,285 feet above sea level!

Where the natural pools reflect countless starry nights

What a mountain lover seeks for? A mystical paradise with natural hot springs, fantastic waterfall hikes, flowing mountain waters, and skinny-dipping in natural pools?
Guess what, this place exists and is named Therma, after the Natural Thermal waters of the area!
Therma is a small settlement of 70 inhabitants built on the foothills of mountain Saos.
Surrounded by plane trees, chestnuts, arbutus, and self-seeded oak forests, with 300+ years long-living trees, Therma is the starting point of a 6 hours hike to the ”Moon”, the highest peak of mountain Saos.

The hike to the ''Moon''

”Fengari”(literally ”Moon”) rises to 1.611 meters and is the highest peak in the Aegean Sea, after Mount Ida (Psiloritis), in Crete.

The European Trail E6 crosses Samothraki and Therma, starting from Finland, and ending at the top of Fengari, where Homer placed Poseidon`s throne, in his epic poem ”Iliad”.

The 6-hour hike to Fengari starts from Therma and is suggested for experienced mountaineers, due to its steepness, and under the guidance of certificated local guides.

Natural Hot springs & Free of charge thermal foot baths

The mystical beauty of Therma and its purity will feed your soul, body, and mind with unforgettable blissful vibes and a lasting smile!
Therma is rich in geothermal, healing waters, known since Byzantium. The therapeutic thermal springs offer calming moments effortlessly, boost your blood circulation, and protect your heart, kidneys, and brain, from potential diseases and sicknesses.
The municipal spa facilities, by the entry of the settlement, feature two swimming pools, eight individual bathtubs, showers, and outdoor relaxing spaces under the trees.
All in for just 5 euros per person! You can reach it by (local) bus and visit it in August and September yearly.
The water temperature in the pools is at 39o -41o C and contains the minerals: K, Na, Ca, Cl, Br, B, J, Mg.
These therapeutic springs are highly recommended for rheumatoid arthritis, chronic joint diseases, back pain, chronic gynaecological inflammations, skin & bone diseases.
Especially for your tired feet, after a long hike, 100 meters uphill there is a thermal foot bath free of charge!

Connect with the nature, connect with yourself

In Therma and its magnificent surroundings, you cannot help it but feel one with nature.
The seaside is at 600 meters from Therma, a perfect sunset location for a long, relaxing swimming.
There are various choices of beaches in the area, and therefore you can find several lonely beaches. Volcanic, sandy, surrounded by cliffs nor any facilities, to bring an umbrella, snacks, and water with you.

Eat like a local!

Guitar and bouzoyki music is coming closer, next to the smell of the traditional delicasies of the island. The perfect ending of an unforgettable day in Samothraki.
Take a seat, seat back and taste special local cheese varieties, traditional ‘’manti’’ pie, special ‘’gorgi’’ bread, praousto and haslama sweet, in the local taverns of Therma.
Now that you have walked up the mountains, admired the raw and wild natural views, refreshed in the therapeutic springs and natural pools, tasted the local cuisine, what is left to enjoy in the area?
There are multiple festivals and free cultural events in Samothraki and Therma, such as traditional dance events and music nights, taking place all year round.

Waterfall hikes & the wild flora

From Therma starts the hiking path to Fonias (5km) and Gria Vathra (2km). Both are clusters of waterfalls and natural pols,-or so-called ”vathres”. 
The highest waterfall of them is 35 meters and is called ‘’Klidiosi’’. To reach Fonias, follow the main road until you meet the local tavern ‘’H Gefira tou Fonia’’ (lit. Fonia`s bridge’’).
On the opposite side, you will see the signed hiking route to the first natural pool.The hike is easy and takes just 30 minutes to taste how does it feel to dip in crystal-clear waters of a natural pool under a waterfall!

Family Friendly hiking paths

The hiking path to ”Fonias” is family-friendly, as it is the easiest route to follow.
Walking among 20 species of bushes, under the captive smells of thyme and oregano you will discover the wide variety of flora growing, thanks to the microclimate of the island.
It is very usual to meet goats on your way, as they are roaming free at the mountain area and they outnumber the inhabitants by 30 to 1!
Remember: If you decide to continue your waterfall hike be aware that the difficulty level will be from moderate to strenuous.
Sandals and flip flops are not recommended. Wear comfortable and steady shoes and have in mind that you will walk on slippery and wet rocks. Pack lightly and take water supplies with you.

The hike to ''Gria Vathra'' waterfalls

The starting point of the second group of waterfalls is called ‘’Gria Vathra’’ and has at least ten stunning natural pools!

The path starts from the paved road of Therma and the Trekking trail 04A
(Therma - Gria Vathra – Christos).

Within 15 minutes of an easy hike, you will reach the first two ‘’vathres’’ and small waterfalls, fascinating and wild!
Up till here, the route is child-friendly, but further up, the walking path disappears, as it crosses through the mountain waters which are here at a waist-height.
If you wish to explore more, you need to take your belongings and a deep breath, hold them up high and cross the flowing stream!

Time for bird watching

If you feel like enjoying a bird watching experience, Vdelolimni lake and its surrounding wetland is the right place to be!
It lies on the estuary of Fonias, where migratory birds find shelter and make their nests.
‘’A photographer`s paradise, with wonderful views all year round’’
The second ideal spot for birdwatching is the lagoon of Agios Andreas, an important ecosystem for biodiversity, rich in flora and fauna.
Take a walk along the lake and listen to the birds singing, spot the little ringed plovers and wander in the paths of nature.
The lagoon of Agios Andreas is located 1,8 km from Kamariotissa port.

Where is Therma?

Therma is 14 km from Kamariotissa, Samothraki`s port and you can reach it after 2 hours boat ride from Alexandroupoli city. 

In the island of Aeolus, Samothraki, and in Therma, far away from trends and mass tourism, you will rediscover the pleasures of Life as for the very first time. 

Will you dare to?

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